What is a Facelift


There are many treatments to help address the signs of aging.  These range from the non invasive options to the surgical treatments.   It seems like everyday there is a new product or treatment being advertised that is the quick fix and end all to facial rejuvenation.  But these too-good-to-be-true treatments are, in fact, to- good-to-be-true.  hen it comes to the gold standard for facial rejuvenation, nothing beats a surgical facelift.  But it is important to understand that a facelift doesn't address all signs of facial aging.

Then what does a facelift accomplish?  As you age there is a change in volume in your face.  The fullness of the cheeks begins to fall.  This creates a series of ridges or elevations and a series of hollowness where the areas of fullness use to fill.  This pattern extends down the cheek culminating in the creation of jowls.  This effect from gravity is amplified as the skin undergoes its natural changes where it loses its elasticity.  This leads to the sagging of the skin, creating extra lines and creases.  It also leads to the development of bands in the neck.  

A facelift helps to reverse these signs of aging.  Namely, it will address the bands in the neck, the jowls, and the volume changes in the cheeks.  There are several different techniques to accomplish this, which are further explained here.