Rhinoplasty is the procedure to improve the appearance of your nose.  The nose, when out of proportion to your face, becomes prominent both to you and those around you.  But every nose is different, as is every face.  There are numerous factors that go into the recommended procedure including the gender, ethnicity, skin thickness, and the overall proportions of the face.  For this reason, no two operations are the same. 

But it is important when choosing a rhinoplasty surgeon that he not only is skilled in improving the cosmetic appearance of the nose but also appreciates the nose for its most basic function, breathing.  Dr. Guy trained in Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery before his Facial Plastic Surgery Fellowship where he had extensive training in all aspects of the nose from the cosmetic to reconstruction, allergies, sinus problems, and acute trauma.  He understands that getting the best result involves not only improving the appearance of the nose but also maintaining its function. 

One of the biggest concerns patients have regarding rhinoplasty involves the use of "packing."  By understanding the anatomy of the nose, Dr. Guy avoids the use of nasal packing to allow  for a more pleasant post operative recuperation.  Most patients are able to return to work or school within a week of surgery.  Dr. Guy can discuss all of this with you at the time of consultation. 

Before and after left lateral rhinoplasty