This patient in his 40s underwent a rhinoplasty to address a hump closer to the tip of his nose.  

This patient in her 50s had previous trauma to her nose which left her with a bump that was addressed with rhinoplasty.  

This is a top notch practice. I had a major surgery to reconstruct my nose due to injuries suffered 25 or more years ago and my reluctance to have something done about it then. As time went on, my cartilage became totally detached from the bone and I could not breathe out of my right nostril. Dr. Guy thoroughly explained what the process would be and the procedure and recovery went exactly as he had described. My surgery was about 4.5 hours long and included several cartilage transplants to stabilize the nostrils. I am very happy with the results - I can breathe again. Dr. Guy’s support staff are friendly, courteous and professional. Roberta(the real boss) was available to communicate with any time I needed her.
— SW
I am 14 months out from my septorhinoplasty with Dr. Guy and couldn’t be happier. The aesthetic improvements are significant, but the functional improvements far surpassed any expectations I could have had. I struggled with nosebleeds and recurring sinus infections, both of which completely resolved after surgery. My breathing was DRASTICALLY improved, resulting in better sleep and exercise performance. I met Dr. Guy two years ago when he did my Botox and tear trough filler. I immediately felt comfortable with him. It doesn’t take long to recognize how intelligent he is. He is happy to share his knowledge and works hard to put you at ease. He is refreshingly honest and quite humble given how accomplished he is. Before surgery, I sought out a second opinion even though I knew I was in capable hands with Dr. Guy. After seeing another local surgeon who was rude and arrogant, it was a no-brainer. Dr. Guy is the best. Period. :)