Mole Removal

Moles are quite common.  They represent a collection of cells that produce pigment (color).  They may even be a source of beauty as in Cindy Crawford's beauty mark.  But others can be quite distracting and not aesthetically pleasing.  

In other situations, a mole may not be a mole.  It can be a type of skin cancer called a melanoma.  Concerning signs for moles including those that are asymmetric (look different on each side), have an irregular border or edge, have multiple colors, and are larger than a pencil eraser.  Other concerning symptoms include if it itches or bleeds easily.  If you have any of these symptoms, your mole should be evaluated by a trained professional such as Dr. Guy.  

Whether you are concerned about the mole or it has been there your whole life, as a facial plastic surgeon Dr. Guy is skilled both in the removal and the reconstruction to leave the area as cosmetically pleasing as possible.  Whatever the problem, Dr. Guy can discuss the best approach at the time of consultation. 

Before and after mole excision
Actual patients

Actual patients