Lip Augmentation and Advancement 

Before and After

I had surgery in February of 2015 and had a total face procedure. Even though I was nervous about surgery I was not nervous about having Dr Guy as my surgeon. He made me confident in the process of healing and I am pleased with what he preformed on me . I don’t look like I had surgery .I look like myself ,just minus the sagging signs of age. He just brought out what I look like before things started to breakdown on my appearance. I really appreciate his talent and appreciate him. He pays attention to detail and is a very talented doctor I’m glad I met him.
— Sharon S.

The first patient is 12 weeks after undergoing lip enhancement.  She had both a lip advancement procedure as well as lip augmentation using her own collagen at the time of her face lift.  Note the rejuvenation she has had around her mouth and lips.  The lip advancement allows more of her red lip to show, reversing one of the tell tale signs of aging.  The lip augmentation procedure complimented the lip advancement by providing greater fullness to her lips, a sign of youth. 

To learn more about the second patient please click on her image.