EarWell Otoplasty

Before and After

This infant was found to have a misshapen left ear at birth, although his right was completely  normal.  His left ear was sticking out too far and was folding over on itself.  This is because it lacked a normal fold found in the ear, just inside of the rim of the ear, called the antihelical fold.  This is the second most common type of ear deformity.  If you look at the before ear, the ear looks small and you cannot see all of the structures.  In the after photo, you can clearly see all of the normal folds to the ear.  This treatment was painless for the child, and took place over the course of 5 weeks using three treatments.  As you can expect, the parents are quite happy with the result.  

This infant had the right ear folded over on itself at birth.  It had not improved and he was evaluated at 1 month of life.  He underwent placement of the EarWell and had a resolution of his folded over ear.  Given that there was no pain and the ear returned to a normal shape, the parents were quite pleased with the treatment.