Surgical Chin Augmentation

Before and After


This patient in her early 20s has a small chin (microgenia) although her teeth do align properly.  The ideal position for the female chin is a few millimeters behind the bottom lip.  As you can see in her before photo the chin was behind this line.  This led to the appearance of a larger nose.  She underwent a procedure in the office where a small incision is made under the chin and the implant was placed.  The procedure takes about an hour.  In the after photos you can see how her chin is better in line with her lower lip, and how her chin better matches the rest of her facial features.  A concern people have is the risk of over augmentation.  Sizers are used at the time of surgery to help create the ideal look, with care taken to avoid over augmenting the female chin which would create a masculine appearance.  The implant used in this patient was a size small, and it created a great improvement without looking done.  She is quite pleased with her final outcome.