BOTOX to the Forehead, Glabella, and Crow's Feet

Before and After


This patient is 1 week post treatment with 10 units of Botox to her forehead, 20 units of Botox to her glabella (verticle 1s) and 10 units of Botox to each lateral periorbital rhytids (Crow's feet).  Notice with activity how there are no longer any active wrinkles in those areas.  In the after you can tell she is trying to exert motion as she is opening her eyes much wider than at rest.  Also note that there is no drooping of her eyebrows or eyelids with the techniques that Dr. Guy uses.  The camera flash was not working properly at the before photo which is the only reason a flash was used after and not before.  No attempt has been made to artificially improve the photo with the use of a post procedural flash.