What can you do to get your skin looking its best?

There are many skin care items out there.  This can be helpful but it can also be very confusing.  Over the next few posts I will be talking about some general products to help improve your skin.  Today's topic is on Retin-A.  

When people first come on, one of the first products I recommend is a Retin-A product.  The way this works is it helps to cause your skin to turn over faster.  This is helpful because it allows for more youthful skin cells to come to the surface and you slough off the older, thicker skin.  When starting out with this product you cannot use it every day.  The reason is your skin has to get accustomed to it.  Otherwise you will start to peel.  In about three weeks you will notice an improvement both in the appearance as well as the texture of your skin.  As a side benefit, it can help improve acne as well.