How to treat splotchy skin?

A common question I get is how to treat splotchy skin or skin discolorations.  The treatment options vary.  The first line treatment, and what you use for maintenance after any treatment, is a skin lightener.  A common misconception is that these will "bleach" the skin.  That is incorrect.  Depending on the active ingredient they are working on the root cause of the discoloration which is the cell that makes skin color (the melanocyte).  This may mean they prevent the cell from making the color, prevent it from passing the color to the skin cells, or prevent those pigmented cells from coming to the surface where they can be seen.  In our product we used a customized combination of Arbutase (similar to hydroquinone) and Kojiac acid which work in complimentary ways.  Because these act on the cell producing the color, it takes about 6 weeks to notice an evening out of your skin tones.  And even though pigmented moles are caused by the melanocyte, skin lighteners do not treat them.  Rather, they help with the uneven skin tones.

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